Thanks to God Arctic Monkeys Exists
If you're ever feeling sad just remember:
If you're ever feeling sad just remember:


-Arctic Monkeys are continuing their AM tour and will definitely be releasing a new album in the future

-A lot of really amazing shows are returning next month (Supernatural Once Upon A Time; Arrow, etc.)

-Vanilla coke and cherry coke exist

-There are fuzzy PJs somewhere in your house that you…

Vanilla coke? Really?


Produced for The Dinner Party Download
Alex Turner and Matt Helders are half of Britrock superstars Arctic Monkeys. Now entering their second decade with the September 10th release of their new record, “AM,” they’ve assembled a soundtrack of music for every dinner course - from swordfish to self-saucing pudding.

"Time is very important, it’s not something you can just keep. It’s the biggest challenge we have in our lives: how to make the best of the time we have in the best possible way."
Jared Leto (Esquire Magazine Mexico Septiembre 2014)

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